Business Energy Suppliers

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There’s no shortage of business energy suppliers and all have something different to offer. Here's an overview of the top providers.

Business Energy Suppliers

Compare business energy prices

What do you need to bear in mind if you’re planning to switch provider? What sets each gas and electricity supplier apart from its rivals? You’re going to need to compare the deals on offer, so what should you be looking at?

Meeting The Needs Of Your Business

All businesses are different. They have their own ideas and their own unique needs. That’s why you need to consider what’s the most important thing for your company when it comes to choosing an energy supplier that matches the way in which you do business.

It probably comes as no surprise that most business owners are looking for cheap prices when they want to change supplier. After all, every company needs to save money in today’s tough financial climate.

However, there two other factors to consider which are equally important – reputation and customer service provision. Getting a great deal for your business is all about finding the perfect balance of price, great support and high-quality services.

Which energy companies should you rely on? Here, we take a closer look at some of the major contenders that you might want to consider.

British Gas

There are few energy suppliers better known than British Gas. As the biggest supplier of energy to the domestic market, this well-known provider also supplies energy to more than 400,000 British businesses, leading the way in the marketplace. With two centuries of experience under its belt, British Gas can be relied upon to be trustworthy and reliable when providing energy for your business.


EON is one of the UK’s Big 6 energy suppliers and is committed to reducing carbon footprints through innovative energy solutions. If you’re keen to boost your company’s green credentials this could be the reliable supplier for you.


Currently producing about a fifth of the nation’s energy supply, EDF is the biggest electricity provider in the UK. Their switch process is very simple and with great deals on offer, they could be a great choice for your business even though they don’t have such a high profile as some of the other larger providers on this list.


Npower is another leading energy provider across the UK, serving more than five million domestic properties and business premises with electricity and gas. This supplier puts customer service at the heart of its organisation, and you can rely on them to ensure you get a good deal along with reliable customer support whenever you need it.

Switch Supplier Today

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Compare business energy prices

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