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What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is a catch-all term covering a range of different policies to cover your business if you suffer unexpected losses in the course of trading, or if anything goes wrong that leads to legal claims against your company.

They're usually made up of a combination of the following covers: public liability, professional indemnity, employers' liability and contents, though there is an ever-expanding range of policies that you can add to suit your specific needs.

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What Insurance Do I Need for my Business?

Business insurance will cover you for all sorts of unexpected events and demonstrate to your customers and employees that you have a well-run and trustworthy company.

The types of insurance you need will depend very much on your specific needs, but as well as general types of policy which are suitable for all businesses, there are also policies which include more specific needs and even some which are specific to particular types of business.

Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

In business, it's a simple fact that sometimes not everything goes as planned, and the costs of this happening can be extremely high.

For example, businesses have been forced into liquidation by successful legal claims against them in the past, while other unexpected costs can also have a seriously detrimental effect on your bottom line.

Business insurance should give you peace of mind that if things go wrong, your back is covered.

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Types of Business Insurance

The diverse nature of businesses, coupled with the variation of risks they face, has given rise to a wide array of insurance products designed to address specific needs and challenges.

The types of business insurance available are as diverse as the enterprises they aim to protect, reflecting the complexity of modern business operations.

- Public Liability Insurance

- Professional Indemnity Insurance

- Commercial Property Insurance

- Landlords' Insurance

- Motor-Fleet Insurance

- Tradesman Insurance

- Directors & Officers Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

Business insurance usually comes in packages that combine various types of insurance policies. The one that's right for you will depend on the nature of your business and the level of coverage you need, and the amount you pay for your policy will differ according to your package.

Can I Get Business Insurance Before Registering My Business?

Yes, you can get business insurance before registering your business.

When you're buying your policy, your insurer will ask for your business address, trade type and actual or projected turnover. You may also be asked about your business structure. But your insurer won't ask about your company registration number or other business registration details, and this means that you can buy business insurance while you're settling the paperwork you need to set up and register your company.

What Do I Need to Compare Business Insurance?

To successfully compare business insurance, you'll need your personal, business and employee details, the details of the kind of policy you're looking for, as well as details of the specific cover that you want, including any add-ons.

You may need to provide information regarding any of your business's past or ongoing claims and legal disputes

Is Business Insurance Compulsory (A Legal Requirement)?

You're only legally required to have employer's liability insurance to operate as a business, and even this only applies if you have one or more employees, all of which means that sole traders can operate legally without it. But none of this means that you might not need other forms of cover.

Do I Need Business Insurance if I am Self-Employed?

If you are self-employed and work entirely on your own, you won't need employers' liability insurance. However, it is important to remember that you may need other types of insurance coverage, such as public liability, product liability or professional indemnity insurance, and you should also bear in mind that most forms of personal insurance won't cover you for any claims made in the course of working.

For example, if you drive between places for work purposes, you will need business car insurance. Regular car insurance only covers you if your car is purely for personal use, or if you're using it for non-business purposes.

Do I Need Business Insurance for an Online Business?

E-commerce insurance, also known as online retailer insurance, can protect your UK-based business, whether you sell locally or to customers worldwide.

If you're a retailer who sells goods online, you should consider e-commerce insurance, no matter how small your business is. Remember that if you have any staff, you will also need employer liability insurance by law.

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