What is a Supply Point Identification Number?

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Discover what a Supply Point Identification Number (SPID) is, its importance in water utilities, and how it impacts billing and service management.

What is a Supply Point Identification Number?

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Knowing the amount of water you use is important. Not only can it help you control costs, but it can even help you identify leaks before they become a serious issue. To find this out, you’ll need to access your water meter, and to understand it fully, you’ll need your ‘SPID’, or ‘Supply Point Identification Number’. 

What is a SPID Number?

Your SPID numbers are the reference numbers specifically identifying the water and sewage supplied to a property or premises. Most will have two–one for water and one for sewage–though it is possible to have one, especially with larger business premises, having more than two is possible. 

A SPID number is important because it lets your water provider know where your access to water is. This could be very important should you ever spring a leak. It is also very important to collect all chargeable data related to your premises, including full meter details and other allowances regarding your business water charges. You’ll need it should you ever wish to change water suppliers

Why Should You Know Your SPID Number?

It is very much in your best interests to have your SPID number on hand. It will allow you to check your water meter for discrepancies and correct inaccurate billing, and it can also help detect leaks and other structural issues. 

How do I Find my Water SPID?

Look at the latest bill from your water supplier, and you will find a copy of your water and sewerage SPID numbers. Your core SPID number is made up of ten digits and will then either be followed by a ‘W’ (for water supplies) or an ‘S’ (for sewerage supplies). Be aware that these look different in England compared to Scotland.

What’s the Difference between a Core SPID and Water/Sewerage SPID?

Business premises usually have one 'core' SPID. In England, this is 10 digits long and starts with a 3. In Scotland, it is 8 digits long and starts with a 1 or 2. This SPID forms the beginning of your two separate water and sewerage SPIDs, which have an additional three digits on the end to define whether they represent water or sewage.

An English water SPID will consist of 10 digits followed by a 'W' for water and another two digits: 3XXXXXXXXWXX.

An English sewage SPID has 10 digits, followed by an 'S' for sewage and two more digits: 3XXXXXXSXX. 

The Role of SPID Numbers in Water Supply Management

SPIDs are important for various reasons, well beyond readings and leak-spotting. They allow retailers and wholesalers to access all historical data relating to the premises, including past meter reads, changes to charges, etc. SPIDs are also required if a customer wants to switch water suppliers, and they allow water companies to monitor usage on a broad scale and improve customer service by offering more accurate readings. 

Can a SPID Number Change if I Move Properties?

No. The SPID number relates to the water access point rather than your business, so you will only get new SPID numbers if you move premises. But otherwise, your SPIDs will remain the same for the duration you remain in one place.

The SPID number is crucial information for customers, businesses, and water suppliers. Inaccurate meter readings can be an annoyance, but serious leaks can cause considerable damage and disruption. Supplier monitoring of usage is important to ensure regular service for all. It’s a far more important detail to keep on hand than it might initially seem.

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