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Yes, You CAN Switch Your Water Supplier

The commercial water market in England and Scotland is open to competition (through deregulation), meaning businesses in these locations can compare and switch their water supplier.

Just like with business energy, it is highly recommended to find the best water supplier for your business - primarily to save on costs and to streamline your expenses.

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Benefits Of Switching Water Provider

There are many reasons why you should consider switching water supplier for your business, and it's not just about cost:

- Tailored solutions depending on how your business operates

- Environmentally friendly options that prioritise sustainability

- Improved customer service and account management

How To Compare Commercial Water Rates

It's never been a better time to switch your water supplier. Competition in the market now means you can find a better deal and pay less for your water services.

We work with various partners to find you the best deal on your water and wastewater supplier.

The process is very easy and starts with a simple form to tell us your requirements.

We typically need some basic details about the business:

- Services required. E.g. Water supply, wastewater or water audit (or all 3!)

- Approximate annual spend on water

- Business name

- Business address

- Your contact details

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Understanding Your Business Water Bill

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a business, can I switch my water supplier?

Yes, businesses in England and Scotland have the ability to switch water suppliers.

The water market in England was deregulated (opened to competition) for non-domestic customers in April 2017, allowing businesses to choose their water and wastewater supplier.

In Scotland, the non-domestic water market has been open to competition since 2008.

In Wales, deregulation occured only for a certain number of high consumption businesses.

What are the benefits of switching water supplier?

You can compare suppliers and switch to a provider that offers better services and pricing.

As a result your business can save money, improve water efficiency, and access tailored services based on your specific needs.

How long does it take to switch water supplier?

Generally the process should take a few weeks or months, but it can depend on a few factors such as current contract notice period, eligibility and the supplier's administrative process.

Does it matter where my business is located when switching water supplier?

Businesses in England and Scotland are free to take advantage of the competitive market, due to deregulation in those countries.

However, in Wales and Northern Ireland, the non-domestic water market remains regulated and the water supply in these regions is predominantly provided by a single entity, and the options for switching may be limited.

How often should I compare business water suppliers?

It is recommended that you start thinking about switching your water supplier at least 3-6 months before your current contract ends. This will give you enough time to compare plans and select the best one for you.

Is it possible to switch to an environmentally friendly water supplier?

Yes, there are eco-friendly water suppliers in that prioritise sustainability and offer environmentally conscious services.

These suppliers often focus on reducing water consumption, promoting water efficiency, and implementing sustainable practices within their operations.

Can I compare water suppliers if my business operates from multiple sites?

Yes, it is especially encouraged to compare and switch water suppliers in this scenario because your costs savings will be greater.

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