Switching Business Energy Supplier: A Guide

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Looking to save money is paramount to a successful business. This includes assessing your energy provider. Read our guide to switching energy suppliers here.

Switching Business Energy Supplier: A Guide

Compare business energy prices

Businesses need to stay profitable to be successful, and looking for ways to save money is paramount, especially in today’s tough financial climate. This includes assessing your energy provider, as well as looking at alternative suppliers. Our guide to switching energy suppliers is here to help you make the transition.

One of the ways that you can make sure that your company stays in the black is to compare energy suppliers and switch. It’s surprisingly easy to switch electricity and gas provider, and your business can find a great deal that makes it easier to keep cash flowing.

Experts say that the average business is able to save over £1,000 per year on energy bills simply by changing energy supplier, so how can you start to compare the options open to you?

Why Should I Switch Energy Providers?

The prime benefit of switching energy supplier has to be the savings that can be made. It takes just minutes to go through the whole process and not only will you be able to find a cheap deal that saves your organisation money, but you could also find better customer service too.

Many providers will even tailor their quote to suit the unique requirements of your business, so you can ensure the best value for money. Need a bit of help figuring out which supplier is best for you? Learn about the most popular providers in our energy supplier guide.

Is It Easy To Change Energy Supplier?

It may sound complicated to switch energy provider, however it’s very simple to compare business energy prices and services offered by different providers. SwitchPal is here to make the transition process quick, smooth and convenient while also ensuring you get the very best deal for your business, so you won’t have to waste time and effort on trawling through different providers’ websites on your own.

How do I Switch Energy Supplier?

We’re here to help! When you’ve chosen the best supplier to change to, you simply provide your banking details and address and the supplier will do the rest, sorting out the details behind the scenes and then getting back to you with the information you need about your switchover date and your new service.

How Long Does It Take To Switch Energy Supplier?

Switching business energy supplier will usually only take a few weeks. If you have any outstanding payments owed or a meter dispute then the process can take longer until those issues are resolved.

Once you’ve signed a new business energy contract there is no 14 day cooling off period, as there is with domestic energy. This means it’s even more important to go through a broker like SwitchPal to ensure you enter the right deal in the first place.

What Do I Need To Remember?

Although the process of switching is really simple with SwitchPal, there are a few things to remember.

Firstly, you won’t be automatically transferred to the new supplier the minute you switch – the process will take a few weeks – and you’ll probably need to supply a final meter reading to your old supplier so you can receive a final bill.

You should also remember to cancel any direct debit you have set up with your old energy supplier to avoid being billed twice.

Are Ready To Make The Switch?

It’s easy to switch energy supplier and it’ll not only help you to save money for your company but also enjoy better services and customer support.

If you’re ready to make the change, contact SwitchPal today to find out how you could get a better energy deal. Simply provide us with some details and you’ll be on your way to finding cheaper gas and electricity for your business. It’s easier and quicker than you ever imagined!

We Offer Home Energy Deals Too!

At SwitchPal we specialise in sourcing business energy for our customers, but we can also help you find a better deal on your domestic gas and electricity. We’ve partnered with Switchd to compare energy prices and find you the best deal on your home energy. Switchd saves you £119 more than traditional energy comparison sites*

* Average saving for Switchd UK residential customers 2017-2018.

Compare business energy prices

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